The 1864 2 cent coin with the large motto is worth around $13 in good condition. An 1864 small motto two cent coin in extremely fine condition can fetch nearly $600 or more.

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If i can't see any of the motto i don't want it.

1864 2 cent coin value small motto vs large motto. Uncirculated, that means new, pieces are worth much more. Look at the link in the above thread and it's much easier to differentiate. In extremely fine condition the value is around $50.

Canada proof like and uncirculated sets see list inside. The small motto is the rare of the two varieties and popular with collectors. 1864 large motto is worth around $10 to $15 in g4 (good) grade and can be worth at much as $150 in ms63 (mint state).

On the obverse of the small motto (top image above), the d in god is wide, and there is a stem touching the ribbon. The 1864 two cent piece large vs. The first “t” in trust is virtually up against the ribbon crease.

The small motto is the less common of the two types, and one of these coins can potentially fetch $200 or more depending on its condition. The leaf stem shows plainly on the small motto but doesn’t exist on the large motto. There is a 1 mm gap on the large motto variety.

The “small motto” variety is the scarcer version, while the “large motto” is more common. The distinction between the small motto and large motto at first is hard to. The large motto replaced the small motto and became the model for the remaining years of the two cent type.

The value will depend on if the coin is certified by a reputable grading service. The d in the large motto (lower image) is taller and narrower, and there is no stem touching the. 1864 two cent coins include a variety where values change dramatically depending on size of the motto;

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Its popularity to collectors has stood the test of time. The large motto lettering is more bold compared to the somewhat frail small motto lettering. Anyone can quickly pick up the skills to easily identify the differences of the large versus small mottos.

Genuine small motto coins will show three feathers on the outside and five on the inside of the left arrow. I don't go by stems etc. The one shown above is the small motto variety where the motto of the words in god we trust contained smaller and shorter letters than the large motto variety.

Small picture but large motto. In very fine condition the value is around $30. The small motto is the more rarer of the two varieties, minimum value $144 in good condition.

The spacing is tighter, we fills more of the ribbon. Both start at a baseline of 100. At any rate, here is quick guide to cherry picking them at the shows.

Small / large motto 1864 2 cent your 1864 2 cent coin value changes dramatically depending on the size of the motto. Determining the difference between 1864 two cent small motto and large motto varieties is fairly easy. Nice large motto by the way.

With the 1864 2 cent coin value ranging from $10 into the hundreds and all depending on the size of the motto. However, the small motto variety, like this example shown, is considerably rarer than its large motto counterpart. The value depends on the state of preservation.

The right arrow should show four on the outside and five on the inside. The large motto variety is the more common of the two. The t in trust is noticeably distant of the fold in the ribbon.

Oct 2021 coin list for sale: The in god we trust motto. Generally speaking, the letters on the small motto coin tend to be shorter and fatter while those on the large motto are taller and thinner.

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In 1864, the philadelphia mint produced two versions of the two cent piece, both relating to the size of the letters in the motto in god we trust. If the value will be lower if the coin is damaged or cleaned in any way. To me the small motto floats in the banner whereas the large motto fills the benner.

The index is updated monthly. A few key points help to detect the difference of the two. 1864 shield two cent large motto value facts:

The pictures shown here are marked to help direct your examination of these coins. The distinction between the small motto and large motto at first, is hard to detect. Most people point to the letter d in god. the small motto version is short and wide while the large motto variety is taller and narrower.

In uncirculated condition the price is around $110 for coins with an ms 60 grade. The 1864 two cent piece (buy on ebay) comes in two distinct varieties identified by the size of the obverse motto in god we trust. Back then the 1864 small motto two cent piece was key coin. now, people don't seem to care.

The difference in size of the mottoes can be somewhat difficult to detect, although certain points of comparison can be used for identification. As you can see, the 1864 small motto two cent coin tracks the overall index score closely. The first year of issue for the two cent piece is known for a major variety.

There were two distinct varieties produced, however, the large motto and the small motto. The specialist will also point out several other differences but be assured that mastering the few key differences shown here will put you on the road to being able to “cherrypick” the two cent. Since the small motto was perfectly serviceable, it must be assumed that the letters were later enlarged to make them conform with those of the reverse.

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The 1864 two cent piece had two major varieties. Below are the design differences between 1864 2c, small and large motto varieties:


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